TOK Presentation Resources

Instructions for the presentation assignment

My class presentation process and instructions

1. Presentation stuff from the TOK guide
Presentation Basics (From the Guide)

2. Presentation Form TK PPD

3. Presentation tips

4. TOK Presentation stuff on youtube:TOK Presentation Model


5. Teacher Sample Presentation (from )

Other videos

6. Sample TOK Presentation form (from the sample video that used to be on the IB site.

presentation 1 TKPPD_en

This is the map of the presentation
presentation 1 ppt_en

Here are the examiner’s comments
Presentation Examiner Notes

Mini Presentation Introduction

In order to introduce the presentation assignment, first semester I have the students do a 5 minute mini-presentation. I ask that students not use any visual aids or slides so they can focus exclusively on the basic mechanics of what the presentation requires without being over reliant on slides (for the actual TOK presentation I ask that they do have slides).

Download Mini Presentation