TOK Integration into the DP

I put together a one hour professional for teachers in our Diploma Program to think about TOK integration into their subjects. The main takeaway is that if teachers are doing their courses effectively then they are already incorporating important elements of TOK into their courses. The historical investigation, creating artwork, designing experiments, math investigations, etc. are all about the production of knowledge within various disciplines. It’s important not to sell TOK as an additional thing teachers need to be doing, rather, learning the language and approaches to complement the work they are already doing and being more explicit about language when possible. For more ambitious teachers, TOK ideas could offer additional depth and exploration that could become class activities, readings, or discussions.

Here is the slideshow I used with my group.

TOK integration-in-the-diploma-program

Here is an example of a short reading I did in my Global Politics course making connections to TOK that I shared with teachers.

TOK Connections with FGM brief

Here is a folder of the IB guide pages for the courses our school offered and I shared teachers to this folder so they could use the appropriate pages from the guide to find the TOK connections as a starting point for their own reflections!AoGXYM1dhWMFhItRLdhXyLfABiuYHA?e=lL8VoJ