Knowledge Questions

***In the new course, students are not expected to generate their own knowledge questions. I realize poor quality KQs were an obstacle for both teachers and students, however, I believe it is still worthwhile to explore the nature of good KQs and have students work on generating their own and make them part of annotation strategies***

1. Introducing Knowledge Questions

Before getting into what a knowledge question (KQ) is, I always put a KQ at the top of each daily worksheet so they get used to seeing them. The first time I explicitly introduce them to the idea is with this worksheet below

Download KQ Worksheet

Here is a summary of work we have done on knowledge questions over this year.

Knowledge Questions

2. Activity around posing knowledge questions

Once kids have been introduced to the concept and we have read many examples and responded to various questions, I have the kids read and while annotating, pose their own KQs. Once done, the we review the article together and on the projector, I write down each of their questions in the margins. I print out a copy for them the following class so they have it but it turns out to be a good review activity. This is a skill kids struggle with most.

Download Reading on Vaccines

Antivaccine hero Andrew WakefieldAnnotated

Furthermore, when having students write journals, I ask students to pose and address knowledge questions along the way in a low stakes environment and one in which they can receive feedback before consequential assessments happen.

3. Problems of Knowing And Linking Questions

This is a document from the IB with many different knowledge questions that help connect WOKs and AOKs along with relevant core concepts.

Download List of Linking Knowledge Questions

4. Old IB Document about “Knowledge Issues” which were the forerunner to Knowledge Questions


5. TOK “Linking Questions”

Document matrix that helps pose knowledge questions across different WOKs and AOKs.


6. “How to get knowledge questions right”

KQs get them right IB Review

7. Understanding Knowledge Questions and Issues v3.0

Understanding knowledge questions and issues

8. Video From the IB