Artificial Intelligence and Art

Knowledge Questions: How do we define art? Is art/creativity the exclusive domain of humans?

AI can produce pictures, but can it create art for itself?

Creativity is something we closely associate with what it means to be human. But with digital technology now enabling machines to recognize, learn from and respond to humans and the world — from digital assistant

s to driverless cars — an inevitable question follows: Can machines be creative? And will artificial intelligence ever be able to make art?

A philosopher argues that an AI can’t be an artist

Human creative achievement, because of the way it is socially embedded, will not succumb to advances in artificial intelligence. To say otherwise is to misunderstand both what human beings are and what our creativity amounts to.

This claim is not absolute: it depends on the norms that we allow to govern our culture and our expectations of technology. Human beings have, in the past, attributed great power and genius even to lifeless totems. It is entirely possible that we will come to treat artificially intelligent machines as so vastly superior to us that we will naturally attribute creativity to them. Should that happen, it will not be because machines have outstripped us. It will be because we will have denigrated ourselves.

Warner Music Group Signs an Algorithm to a Record Deal

One of the newest additions to the group of artists working with Warner Music Group — taking a spot alongside names like Ed Sheeran, Madonna, Coldplay and Camilla Cabello — is a bundle of code. It’s under contract to release 20 albums this year.

The creator of the algorithm is sound startup Endel, which uses artificial intelligence to make personalized audio tracks aimed at boosting people’s mood or productivity.

Photogallery: Art Created by Artificial Intelligence

CREDIT: Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Rutgers University

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