Neil deGrasse Tyson on the “three kinds of truth”

In this 5 minute clip, from the Joe Rogan podcast, Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses his idea of the three different kinds of “truth.” It’s an interesting discussion on the definition of the word but also the implications of how we use words. Short enough to be interesting but not so long as to be tedious. For a tedious conversation on truth, see the previous post on the conversation between Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson.

I linked the video at the start of the relevant conversation.

Below is just the audioclip that you can stream just the audio if youtube is blocked and download below that if you just want the mp3 file.

Download Tyson 3 truths edit

One thought on “Neil deGrasse Tyson on the “three kinds of truth”

  1. NDT as just succeeded in losing all the respect he has earned from me! The guy knows no more about truth than any other snake-oil salesman; the mere suggestion that someones personal beliefs are unalienable truths is shiite! Try this for truth in Douglas Adam’s trilogy lingo:
    1. Ontological truth. [Nature of being.]
    2. Epistomological truth. [Philosophy of knowledge.]
    3. Methodological truth. [The system of methods and principles applied to a field of study.]

    Objectivity flows in and out of all of these but nothing can claim it for itself.
    – Andrew Durand’s reply in Paul Rice’s comment in the Youtube video of the same.

    A couple of personal notes or perceptions on all this crap:
    NDT would have you believe that there IS such a thing as ‘half-pregnant’!
    Oh! And the answer to the Universe and everything is still 42!


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