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Presentation Basics

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5. Sample TOK Presentation formThis is the form for the presentation we saw in class.
presentation 1 TKPPD_en

This is the map of their presentation
presentation 1 ppt_en

Here are the examiner’s comments
Presentation Examiner Notes

Schedule and topics

Planning Days (6)3/7, 3/9, 3/11, 3/15, 3/17, 3/21

Presentation Schedule (5 Days)

Wednesday 3/23

  • Rakia and Peyton: Racism (Police killing): Are human beings inherently prejudiced?
  • Anish and Sudipta: Child Labor: Ethical to employ children?
  • Marika and Khadija: Euthanasia: Is it ever ethical to kill a person?

Monday 3/28

  • Christian: The Ethics of Watching Football: How should the well being of others influence our ethical decisions?
  • Chaitanya: Little Albert Experiments: How is knowledge constructed in the human sciences?
  • Silvia and Briana: China’s One Child Policy: Should governments be allowed to disregard individual rights in favor of the common good?
  • Syeda and Inarra NSA Data Mining: Is it ethical?


Wednesday 3/30

  • Stephanie, Erica, and Faiza: Restrictions/Limitations of teaching history: How do present circumstances affect out interpretation of the past?
  • Vivian and Carolyn: What is the role of social experiments in the human sciences in the construction of knowledge?

Friday 4/1

  • Justin and Luca: Waterboarding Bush Administration: Is torture ever ethical?
  • Matteo and Sumin Stop and Frisk Ethics:
  • Sumaiya and Mahaut: 2012 Aurora Shooting: What roles do emotion and reason play in determining what is ethical?

Tuesday 4/5

  • Tenzin and Debraj: Ethics of illegal music downloading: Is it ever ethical to use or take intellectual property without permission?
  • Luis: Genetically engineered children: What are the ethical limitations of genetic engineering?

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