South Park Episode: “The F Word”

An interesting episode that delves into the meaning of words and what gives them power. Who gets to decide what a word means? What determines whether a word is insulting?

A thought provoking episode but there is a lot of foul language. The episode makes its point in the way that South Park usually does. If you can tolerate obscenity and offensive language, you might find this interesting.

The “Chewbacca Defense” from South Park

From an episode of South Park (season 2, episode 14 “Chef Aid”), the Chewbacca defense is a funny example of a non sequitur reasoning fallacy in which someone employs an argument whose conclusion does not logically follow from its reasons. In particular, this is a red herring  fallacy. Check out the link below. There is an ad first and there is some foul language but a funny clip.