Online Book: Science, Evolution, and Creationism

Here is a copy of an online book published by the National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine discussing the differences between the approach taken by scientists when discussing evolution and the approach taken by those who espouse creationism. It’s a relatively short book but you can also click beneath the link to download my shortened version.

Science and Creationism

Radiolab Podcast: Seeing in Tongues

In 2010, after being struck by an 18-wheel truck while riding her bike Emilie Gossiaux, a young painter and sculptor, was blinded. After the accident, Emilie found her way back to the studio using a device that helps her “see” by using sensors on her tongue.

Short video:

Chapters from the podcast about the case:

How culture shapes our senses

“The team also found that some of these differences could change over time. They taught the Dutch speakers to think about pitch as thin or thick, and soon these participants, too, found that their memory of a tone was affected by being shown a bar that was too thick or too thin. They found that younger Cantonese speakers had fewer words for tastes and smells than older ones, a shift attributed to rapid socioeconomic development and Western-style schooling.”